Bellagio Fountains

The fountains are a must-see while in town. Particularly impressive in the evening with lights and music, these dancing fountains feature complex choreography to a variety of tunes from yesterday and today.

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Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

The iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” is located just South of Mandalay Bay. It’s a quick ride from the resorts and the airport. Be sure to bring a camera and take some pics.

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Fremont Street Experience

The experience features a huge Viva Vision canopy with 12 million synchronized lights, creating quite a show. Set to music, animations include tributes to infamous songs, personas and American nostalgia.

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Madame Tussauds

Marvel at the exact wax replicas of Angie and Brad, Fergie, Lady Gaga and more. While they don’t breathe, bringing home a snapshot of you next to your favorite celeb can certainly warrant some good stories.

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The NYNY Roller Coaster

The New York – New York Roller Coaster features a 144-foot drop at more than 65 miles per hour.

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Mirage Volcano

After undergoing a serious facelift in 2008, the new volcano shoots fireballs from it every hour, complete with flowing lava.

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Venetian Gondola Ride

The gondola riding experience allows visitors to board one of these authentic-looking boats and head out for a ride through the Grand Canal Shoppes, complete with a sweet serenade from the gondolier.

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Adventure Dome

Housed inside a giant five-acre pink dome, Circus Circus’ Adventure Dome is an indoor theme park packed with rides, games and theme park food.

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Minus 5 Ice Bar

The bar, and everything inside of it, is made of ice. From the ice glasses to sip the super cold drinks, to the benches, it’s a chilly and unique experience.

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Stratosphere Observation Deck

Take the elevator up to the one of the most awesome views on The Strip. Aside from stellar views, there are rides up there designed to get that adrenaline pumping.

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For kids, its video game heaven. With the purchase of a Smartcard, kids can enjoy a slew of video games at Gameworks, located next to MGM.

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Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

Housed outside amidst waterfalls, tropical floral and fauna, bubbling streams and more, Chilean flamingos, birds, ducks, swans and even turtles intermingle at this popular and free Las Vegas attraction.

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Shark Reef

Perfect for all ages, this aquarium is the only predator-based aquarium in America. Be sure to take time to visit the sting ray exhibit, which lets visitors actually dip their hands into the water and pet these creatures.

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Auto Collection at The Quad Resort

The IP showcases upwards of 250 antique cars and is the world’s largest classic car showroom. It has more than $100 million of vehicles to glimpse, and features former cars of celebrities and more.

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